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Working at Ardea

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Working at Ardea

Curious about what it’s like to work at Ardea?  We asked our employees and they offered the following thoughts:

"Ardea is an environment of high expectations and standards.  Ardea is a challenging and rewarding environment.  It will push you at times beyond what you think you can do – and you just find yourself doing it." 
"There is a culture of accountability.  It’s about being accountable for your own work and taking responsibility for it.  You’re given the tools to get the job done and you are expected to do the best you can do.”  
"Focused intensity is how I would describe working at Ardea. There is a sense of commitment to the project and we’re all hooked in, however, there is a good work/life balance.  Ardea is good at respecting family or personal things that you need to take care of." 

"Flexibility is key to being successful here.  Things change quickly here.  Our goals change more than some of the larger companies that are out there.  You need to have the ability to handle and quickly adapt to change.  If something needs to get done then you do everything you can to support it getting done.  The people that fit in the best will do whatever it takes to get things done."
"You are rewarded for your efforts.  Rewarding employees is not just lip service – it really happens here.   A co-worker of mine went out on leave and I needed to cover her duties as well as my own.  I put in a lot of hours during that time.  My boss rewarded me with a spot bonus.  I was just doing what needed to be done and wasn’t expecting the bonus.  I’ve seen many other people here receive spot bonuses.  I think Ardea is very good at rewarding employees who have put in extra effort."

"At Ardea we celebrate our successes.  We recently received positive results on one our products and all of us got together to celebrate.  I really enjoy our company events and our communication meetings, where I can receive company updates and have the opportunity to interact with my co-workers."